Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One more Simple Design

Here comes one simple design! As I had mentioned earlier, I do not attempt to make-up any designs of my own; not that I am creative, but I tend to become a little extravagant and end up spending more time than I actually need.

Simple peacock motifs filled with normal curves and lines

Hope you enjoyed this one! See you all soon with a special Wedding design!

Monday, October 26, 2009

For the Love of Mehndi

Mehndi is one thing I would never get tired of! Throughout the various phases of my life, I have always had a growing passion for this plant and beautiful tint it leaves on the hand. I don't know much details about Mehndi, but I am sure it is good for health, in terms of reducing the body heat, and too good for hair.

We had a nice "Marudani maram" (tamil name for Mehndi tree) in our backyard. The leaves of this tree leaves such a dark tint in the skin, that it was extremely popular tree in our neighbourhood and amongst our relatives. So every time a relative comes, he/she makes sure to take back a packet full of these leaves. And I silently fume, because they would have grazed the entire tree and I would have been left with nothing! ;)

But luckily this tree we had was a type of ever-green breed, so the more you pluck the leaves, faster it grew! So I was never short of marudani whenever I wanted.

Over years, this tree was cut to extend the house; so I moved to the store-bought cones to quench my thirst for Mehndi. Slowly I started practising designs from the books I see, then upgraded to Internet. Now I can make fairly decent designs. Oh, I even did some wedding designs to some of my friend's sisters!!

So here is one of my design, inspired from a design in the Internet. Sadly I don't remember which site it was!

Normal floral pattern with checker-board design on finger-tips

A close-up of the palm

Another click

Hope you enjoyed these designs as much as I did!

Here I come!!

What would happen when a typical Saggitarian lass who has a lot of time, patience and interest in blogging, decides to have a rendezvous with the World of Blogging? Viola, comes in a blog!

Well, blogging is not something new to me; I have already been blogging my experiments in kitchen @ "Curries & Spices". Cooking is not my only passion; I have serious interests in Mehndi designing, Photography, doing little crafts and recently Origami! So instead of cluttering all my interests in one stop, I decided to diversify! So this blog "My Hobbies ~ My Passion" is the brain-child of the artist in me. As the name suggests, this blog is completely dedicated to anything and everything related to beauty!

I would like to showcase here some of the Mehndi designs I did, stills that I click every now and then, and by-products of the paper I fold!! Please do drop in your suggestions, comments, rants; I would be more than happy to respond to each and every one of you!