Monday, October 26, 2009

Here I come!!

What would happen when a typical Saggitarian lass who has a lot of time, patience and interest in blogging, decides to have a rendezvous with the World of Blogging? Viola, comes in a blog!

Well, blogging is not something new to me; I have already been blogging my experiments in kitchen @ "Curries & Spices". Cooking is not my only passion; I have serious interests in Mehndi designing, Photography, doing little crafts and recently Origami! So instead of cluttering all my interests in one stop, I decided to diversify! So this blog "My Hobbies ~ My Passion" is the brain-child of the artist in me. As the name suggests, this blog is completely dedicated to anything and everything related to beauty!

I would like to showcase here some of the Mehndi designs I did, stills that I click every now and then, and by-products of the paper I fold!! Please do drop in your suggestions, comments, rants; I would be more than happy to respond to each and every one of you!


  1. Sorry dear only 2 pictures not able to enlarge others i can do.. ignore my comment. You have wonderful designs. keep going.

  2. Rohini glad to know that u r such a mehendi expert that I wish I was somewhere near u to avail your beautiful application of your mehendi on both my hands,coz I love to apply mehendi off and on which I do. .