Monday, October 26, 2009

For the Love of Mehndi

Mehndi is one thing I would never get tired of! Throughout the various phases of my life, I have always had a growing passion for this plant and beautiful tint it leaves on the hand. I don't know much details about Mehndi, but I am sure it is good for health, in terms of reducing the body heat, and too good for hair.

We had a nice "Marudani maram" (tamil name for Mehndi tree) in our backyard. The leaves of this tree leaves such a dark tint in the skin, that it was extremely popular tree in our neighbourhood and amongst our relatives. So every time a relative comes, he/she makes sure to take back a packet full of these leaves. And I silently fume, because they would have grazed the entire tree and I would have been left with nothing! ;)

But luckily this tree we had was a type of ever-green breed, so the more you pluck the leaves, faster it grew! So I was never short of marudani whenever I wanted.

Over years, this tree was cut to extend the house; so I moved to the store-bought cones to quench my thirst for Mehndi. Slowly I started practising designs from the books I see, then upgraded to Internet. Now I can make fairly decent designs. Oh, I even did some wedding designs to some of my friend's sisters!!

So here is one of my design, inspired from a design in the Internet. Sadly I don't remember which site it was!

Normal floral pattern with checker-board design on finger-tips

A close-up of the palm

Another click

Hope you enjoyed these designs as much as I did!


  1. Oh! these designs are simply beautiful.... you match a professional.... which I don't....

    I guess you are very quick in it too, by the look of it...My cone moves like a tortoise, on canvas...

    Where can I follow you...I don c any option 4 it.

    I'm going all ga ga over your expertise...



  2. Thanks a lot Asha.. Yes, the trick lies the speed, otherwise we tend to lose our patience.
    I usually buy my cones from Hyderabad, I don't remember the brand name though!
    I've just included the followers widget. Thanks again for dropping by! Hope to c u often!

  3. Rohini, your designs are so gorgeous! I also love to do mehndi designs on myself and for my friends/family! But I am nowhere near as neat and tidy as you are! Beautiful pics!

  4. wow rohini u did all these designs those are really nice dear

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  6. Hi Rohini,

    Wow, What a beautiful designs? You are really creative.
    Sorry , I posted one comment by mistake it got deleted
    Best wishes to you

  7. OMG... the designs are awesome Rohini... I'm a die hard mehendi fan too... each time my Mom sends something from India, she is sure to sneak in a couple of those cones :-). You've now triggered me... I've not been putting mehendi for more than a year now... until before last year, I used to apply mehendi almost every month

  8. Thanks everybody! Glad to see so many mehndi fans around! Hope I live upto your expectations!

  9. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I have henna powder with me, and have been meaning to decorate my hand for a while now, these designs will be my inspiration!! Hehe...not that they'll look as gorgeous as yours, but I shall try! Otherwise, I know only one pattern, and when its mehendi time home, me, mum and sis all have the same design, courtesy me :D

  10. You seem to be an expert in it. Will surely be trying your designs soon :)

  11. I think, itsn't a just a hobby. you are very profesional.
    the design is wonderful. thanks. alot